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Fried Onion Flakes

Are You Looking For Tasty Fried Onion Flakes For Use in Snacks? Go For Kings Crispy Perfect Fried Onions

Do you love munching on sandwiches, burgers and hotdogs? Add a crispy, crunchy flavour to your favourite snacks using ready-made fried onion bits. The organic fried onions that we offer are made using select varieties of onions that are washed, peeled, fried, sliced and fried in high-quality vegetable oil to ensure that they match your taste buds.

What Is Unique About These Packaged Fried Onions?

We use less oil to prepare these tasty easy fried onion strip. Therefore, if you are searching for healthy fried onion slices which you can use in different types of cuisines, then our crunchy fried onions fit the bill perfectly. They have a longer shelf life as compared to other varieties of fried onions and can be used in cuisines as diverse as Chinse and south Indian. You can also use them as a condiment while preparing soup, salads, baked or roasted potatoes. They can be used in different ways for preparing delicacies as diverse as korma, biriyani, haleem and pulao. So, if you want to buy crispy oven fried onion for burger or fried onion snack and add a distinct fragrance to your favourite dishes, then you are in the right place.