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Your own favourite food in different cripsy flavours

Birista Fried Onions

Kings Brista Fried Onion Combo Pack

Golden Fried Onion

Kings Golden Fried Onion Combo Pack

Crispy Fried Onions

Kings  Crispy Fried Onion Combo Pack

Infuse A Unique Flavor In Your Favorite Recipes With Kings Crispy Onions

Are you not happy with the quality of french fried onions in grocery store which you had bought recently? To enhance the flavor of your favorite recipes using fresh, crispy, crunchy fried onions, opt for french fried onions offered by Kings Crispy Onions. The fried onions flakes which we are offering are prepared from select varieties of onions that are washed, peeled, sliced and fried in the best quality of vegetable oil to ensure that they suit your taste buds. They are ideal for use as toppings on sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs. You can also use them to garnish dishes such as Biryani, Haleem, Pulao, etc.

What Makes Us Unique As a Fried Onions Grocery Store?

At Kings Crispy Onions, we offer fried onions that have a long lifespan. They require limited storage space also. The ginger powder that we offer is suitable for use as a spice in different types of gravies, stews, marinades, etc. Dried ginger powder is suitable for use in preparing dishes for expecting women and feeding mothers. Our product range also includes garlic powder that can be used in salad dressing, soups, stews and marinades. It helps in digestion and absorption of food. Kings Onion Powder is a viable alternative to onion and can be sprinkled on different types of food to enhance their flavor. These products are prepared in compliance with FSSAI food laws. They are free from preservatives and additives.

Crispy Fried Onion

Before giving us the much-required nutrients, food is appreciated by all our fives senses. We see how appetizing it looks, we smell the aroma, we touch the texture, we taste its deliciousness, and let us assure you that, French’s original crispy fried onion will gratify all the senses to the farthest. These fried onions just enhance the aesthetics and taste of the food, these crispy crunches will go well with any kind of food of contrast or resembling food platelet. They make a good companion for snacking, a key ingredient for curries and biriyanis, and kids’ favorite in sandwiches. Bring this magic home and see how it levitates the bar of your cooking and hosting.

Harvest Everyday

We have the fresh materials used for the products.

Premium Quality

All the products available are of premium quality .


Our products are healthy and  fresh .



We asure you  the freshness of our products .

100% Pure

All the products are 100% pure  and hygienic .

Tasty & Crispy

Our foods products are all tasty and crispy comes in different flavours .

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